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From left to right are, Region Nine, BIT Technical Officer, Ms. Indira Marisa Singh and Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton in a interview at Radio Lethem (95.1FM)

From left to right are, Occupational Safety and Health Officer, Ms. Karen Singh, Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton, BIT Technical Officer, Ms. Indira Marisa Singh and newly appointed Region Nine Labour Officer, Mr. Mark Burnette.


Residents of Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo (Region Nine) are among the beneficiaries of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs offered by the Ministry of Labour, through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

There are approximately twelve (12) programs introduced to residents of central Lethem and South Rupununi. This announcement was made during an interview at Radio Lethem (95.1FM), earlier in the week by Minister of Labout, Hon. Joseph Hamilton and BIT, Region Nine, Technical Officer, Ms. Indira Marisa Singh.

The main purpose of the interview was driven by the labour minister’s mandate to introduce the work of the ministry and BIT when visiting each administrative region.  He added that there is a number of projects been done in the region to develop the lives of persons who are seeking skills training.

He added, the aim is to take the service of the ministry to the people of each region, especially TVET programs, which have proven overtime to help persons go after entrepreneurship and open doors to further academic studies. However, he added that measures are also in place to secure training facilities in each region to promote the work of the minstry and bit.

Providing more details, Ms. Singh stated that thanks to the labour minister smart planning, an ATV four-wheeler was donated to carry out the work of BIT and as such, consultations were done in, Aishalton, Karaudanawa and North Rupununi to introduce training soon.

Within Lethem Town Council, programs such as, Garment Construction, Information Technology and Heavy – Duty Equipment Operation. For villages such as, Hiawa, Nappi and Shulinab villages councils, three programs are delivered to each of the villages respectively. These are, Catering and Cake Decorating, Garment Construction and Agro Food Processing.

The villagers will also see Block Making and Solar Panel Repair programs coming onboard soon.  Before the radio program came to an end, the minister introduced newly appointed Occupational Safety and Health Officer, Ms. Karen Singh and Labour Officer, Mr. Mark Burnette, who will carry out the work of the Ministry of Labour, throughout region nine.

(Board of Industrial Training, Public Relations Department).