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66 Region One Residents completed BIT Program.

Brothers certified by the Board of Industrial Training in Heavy- Duty Equipment Operation.

From left to right is the Mayor of Mabaruma, Mr. Chris Phang, Region One, Regional Chairman, Mr. Brentnol Ashely, Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton and BIT, Senior Technical Officer, Mr. Bevion Sheperd.

Garment Construction, Shade House Gardening, Welding and Fabrication,    Cosmetology, and Small Engine Repairs were programs offered to residents of Mabaruma, Port Kaituma, and Mathew’s Ridge.

The beneficiaries completed the training program in 2021 and between March 1 to 2, 2022, a graduation ceremony was held in the region attended by Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Consultant, Ms. Gweneth King, Chairman of the National Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH), Mr. Earl Morris, Senior Technical Officer at the Board of Industrial Training, Mr. Bevon Sheperd, Region One, Regional Chairman, Mr. Brentnol Ashley, Mayor of Mabaruma, Mr. Chris Phang, Matarkai Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) Chairman, Mr. Orlando Thorne and among other officials.

It is the first time Port Kaituma and Mathew’s Ridge residents are recipients of the bit, National Training Program for Youth Employment (NTPYE) program. Addressing the gathering at the graduation ceremonies held at Mabaruma on March 1 and at Mathew’s Rodge on March 2, 2022, respectively. BIT, Senior Technical Officer, Mr. Bevon Sheperd told the graduates they are fortunate to receive the skills offered by the bit and they will be seeing more initiative to empower the people of region one.

“Use your certificates, seek further academic development and go for whatever is it you desire. The programs offered are free and provide each of you with the opportunity to become your boss.” Mr. Sheperd stated.

In his ministerial address, the minister congratulated graduates for completing the program offered. He did not leave out parents and guardians, since they played a major role in ensuring their child’s goals are top priorities.

“Under this ministry, when attending the graduation, I would like to see more young girls and women receive certificates in courses, such as Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation, Welding and Fabrication, and Electrical Installation. These programs are often seen as male-dominated jobs, but they bring in the most money. Do not stop just at         Cosmetology ladies, go for these programs I want to see more women in 2022 graduating from these programs.” The Minister noted.

Thanks to bit, two young men were interviewed by the Regional Chairman, Mr. Ashley for prospective job placements in Mabaruma, and nine young men from Mathew’s Ridge who completed training in Welding and Fabrication were all placed in jobs by a popular industrial business owner in the district.

PC| DPI, Dexter Ceres.

(Board of Industrial Training, Public Relations Department).