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184 Lindeners Graduated BIT Programme, 70-year-old Amongst Beneficiaries.

More than ten (10) areas of skills training were delivered to the people of Region Ten, under the Ministry of Labour, Board of Industrial Training (BIT) between 2020-2021.

On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, a grand graduation ceremony at the Lichas Hall, Purple Heart Street, Mc Kenzie was held

for the beneficiaries who would have committed themselves to complete the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses offered last year.

Hon. Joseph Hamilton who is in the region between Monday, April 4 to Wednesday, April 6, attended the ceremony, accompanied by Chief Executive Officer of BIT, Mr. Richard Maughn, Senior Technical Officer, Mr. Leon Greaves, Region Ten, Technical Officer, Mr. Tenesha Dennis, BIT Vice Chairman, Mr. Rion Peters, Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Dwight John, and Regional Chairman, Mr. Deron Adams, among other officials of the Labour Ministry.

Words of encouragement were delivered to the graduates by the regional representatives, who applauded the initiative to empower the people of the region, enabling them to contribute to the national development, whether through, employment or entrepreneurship.

BIT Vice Chairman, Mr. Peters, also engaged the graduates, informing them of the measures the ministry is taking to improve programs to fit the needs of everyone from all walks of life. He also highlighted that the training agency continuously aims to train more persons each year, guided by the Minister and his re-established ministry and goal to promote capacity building for all.

An acknowledgment speech was done by CEO, Mr. Maughn, thanking the trainers and trainees who would have started and completed the program and not waste the resources that were invested in them.

“It will be remiss of me as the leader at the Secretariat at the Board of Industrial Training, to not recognize and acknowledge what the Government of Guyana is doing for the people of Guyana, through the bit. Any government, throughout the world, while they have the power, they will choose to spend the resources on program and activities that they think is meaningful and beneficial to the people and I believe that the government of Guyana would have seen that the programs that the Board of Industrial Training does, that it is beneficial and hence, we continue to receive financial resources to implement programs that benefit people like you.” Mr. Maughn mentioned.

In his address, Minister Hamilton congratulated the graduates and touched on the developments the ministry will be making shortly to ensure Guyanese are not recipients of just one skill.

“Graduates do not be incapable, use your skills to move up the ladder and understand that you will not be limited to just one course, once you complete a program, you will be allowed to do another. However, more women must be involved in male-dominated courses, such as heavy-duty equipment operation, electrical installation, and construction. These types of programs will allow you to stand out, and make money.” The minister said.

Last year, 3086 persons received certificates, through a bit, and for 2022, we are expected to deliver more than 4000 certificates to persons throughout Guyana. The graduate’s ages, 15 to 70 years old, completed training in courses, such as Cosmetology, Garment Construction, Electrical Installation, Heavy Duty Equipment Operation, Small Engine Repairs, and Commercial Food Preparation.

PC|Dpi, Mr. Dexter Ceres.

(Board of Industrial Training, Public Relations Department).