• Lot 33 North Road, Lacytown Georgetown, Guyana


One Hundred and Thirteen (113) beneficiaries attached to GuySuCo Training Centre/Port Mourant (GTC/PM), Region Six are now certified in Electrical Installation-Level One, Welding and Fabrication, Motor Vehicle Servicing and Repairs, Refrigeration, Supervisory Management and Heavy-Duty Equipment Operation programmes, following a graduation ceremony held at the training centre.

The ceremony spotlight the tenth batch of beneficiaries to benefit from the National Training Project for Youth Empowerment programme facilitated by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) and Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) Training Centre, Port Mourant.

Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton, Board of Industrial Training, Chairman, Mr. David Armogan, Board of Industrial Training, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Richard Maughn, Board of Industrial Training, Human Resource Officer, Ms. Melinda Kelly, GTC/PM, Manager, Mr. Jainarine Sookpaul, GTC/PM, Professor Clement Sankat, Guyana Sugar Corporation Incorporated, Business and Compensation Manager, Mr. Dexter Williams and others were present at the ceremony to bear witness to the graduates receiving their certificates.

Chairman of BIT, Mr. Armogan told the graduates that today’s event forms part of Government’s agenda to empower its citizens through vocational and technical training programmes to aid in the country’ development.

This effort, he said, also aims to close the skills gap in Guyana which he hopes all willing persons can take advantage of.

CEO of BIT, Mr. Maughn shared similar sentiments as Mr. Armogan and as such, he hopes the graduates can use their skills wisely to empower others as ambassadors of BIT and GTC/PM.

He also noted that they need yo view the ceremony as a stepping stone to what they can achieve moving forward, once they remain on the path of self-development for themselves and family.

Minister Hamilton, in brief remarks, said that since taking office, the ministry has been tasked with creating skilled individuals in Regions 2,5,6 and 10 in specific skills to meet the labour demands of the nation’s emerging sector.

So far, these efforts has rapidly increased through collaborations with relevant stakeholders which he has committed to continue especially with the GuySuCo Training Centre, Port Mourant to advance on this path of progress.

To this end, he urged the graduates to do not take the skills they acquired lightly but to use every avenue available to them to further enhance them since very soon, persons would be unable to maintain their livelihood with just one skill in the next five to ten years.

For this, he believes all Guyanese should take advantage of every opportunity being offered to them for self-development as well as the country.


(Board of Industrial Training| Public Relations Department)