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Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton, and the Board of Industrial Training’s Acting Chief Executive Officer/ Secretary, Ms. Saskia Eastman-Onwuzirike, on Friday, January 27,2023, certified Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation and Guyanese Manganese Incorporated as Masters Apprenticeship Training Centres.

This allows them to accept and teach apprentices in their respective trades, while the Board of Industrial Training oversees the programmes for quality assurance.

The representatives of the companies received their master’s certificates in the presence of the Board of Industrial Training, Technical and Apprentice Officer, Ms. Deborah McBeth, Administrative Officer, Ms. Indira Singh, and other officials at the ministry’s boardroom.

Minister Hamilton spoke about the importance of the Board of Industrial Training’s apprenticeship programme and how it will enhance the skill sets of many ambitious individuals.This includes increasing the number of people trained to work in the country’s labor force.

He advised them to teach as many women as possible to work in male-dominated areas. As part of this meaningful relationship, the minister also urged them to go beyond the training curriculum to guarantee the individuals being trained are competent and qualified to work.

He even proposed that welders who want to become licensed welders attend nighttime training sessions.

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