From left is CEO of BIT, Mr. Richard Maughn, other officials and graduates from Better Hope on the East Coast of Demerara.
Graduates at one of graduation ceremonies held at the Lusignan Community Ground.
Graudates at Ann’s Grove graduation ceremony.
Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton handing certificates to some of the beneficiairies at one of the graduation ceremony.
Minister Hamilton speakinmg to some of the graduates at a ceremony held at the Lusignan Community Center.

Last week, Region four graduation kickstarted, where 275 person from villages, such as, Cane Grove, Ann’s Grove, Buxton, Lusignan, La Bonne Intention (LBI) and Better Hope on the East Coast of Demerara, received their certificates in courses such as, Garment Construction, Cosmetology, Cake Decoration and Food Preparation.

The graduation ceremonies were held at various locations within the villages, facilitated by the Board of Industrial Training, Ministry of Labour and was attended by Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BIT, Mr. Richard Maughn, Technical Officer, Mr. Stanislaus Willis and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Ms. Nateica Garraway.

All in smiles, the graduates were happy as they received their certificates and also expressed their persistence to work on the skills they would have received thanks to the Government of Guyana.

In an interview with Ms. Sita Rooplall who received her certificate in Cake Decoration. The young woman mentioned that before the completion of the programme, she started to put her skills to work to earn an income by baking and decorating birthday cakes for persons within her village. She added, despite she was confident in her ability to deliver her craft, the positive feedback received from customers gave her the push to become more creative at her work.

After hearing the young woman’s testimony, in his opening remarks, Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton, told the young woman that her persistence to succeed after becoming a beneficiary is what needs to be heard. He added that the Ministry of Labour, through the Board of Industrial Training, over the years continue to work on the delivery of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes for persons within every region.

‘Since taking office major works were done to ensure there are BIT officers stationed in each region to deliver the mandate of the ministry, through BIT, related to skills training. I am happy to say in each region there is a BIT officer stationed, before the end of 2021. Another development by the ministry in collaboration with BIT, will see the construction of Labour and Skills Training Facilities, in far- flung communities to enforce the effective delivery of training by assigned trainers who resides in the said community.”

Minister Hamilton urged the gathering that it is important for persons pursing BIT programmes to strive for completion, in order for them to be able to start future courses, bearing in mind that persons will not be barred from seeking other skills training when they successfully complete training.

CEO of BIT, Mr. Richard Maughn charged the graduates to use their skills received as a mean to develop themselves and seeking further academic development through colleges and the University of Guyana. He explained, that many of BIT passed trainees are working in the medical, agriculture, teaching, business and oil and gas sectors in lucrative positions, which became possible through the foundation they would have received thanks to the Government’s commitment.

“The Ministry of Labour through BIT has shown commitment to empowering the lives of persons throughout the length and breadth of Guyana. Throughout the year, BIT has recorded a heighten number of persons applying for programmes and we have seen new courses rolled out to communities that were far flung in the past. However, thanks to the Government, measures were enforced to deliver skills training, not only to region four but communities in region 9,8,7,6 and 1.

 Over the last seven weeks, graduations were held in regions, 1,2,3, and 5, where more than 500 persons received their certificates of completion. However, during the next two upcoming weeks, graduation will continue for region four, with persons from Georgetown and the East Bank of Demerara receiving their certificates.

(Board of Industrial Training, Public Relations Department)