Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Industrial Training, Mr. Richard Maughn in an interview with the DPI at the GYSBI Career Fair at Uitvlugt Community Center, WCD.
Region 3 residents undergoing interview at the careet fair.

Guyana Shore Base Incorporated (GYSBI) held a career fair on Sunday, October 10,2021, at the Uitvlugt Community Center, WCD, providing job opportunities within the oil and gas sector to residents of Uitvlugt and other surrounding communities.

Representing the Minister of Labour, Hon. Joseph Hamilton, who is presently out of the jurisdiction at the job fair was Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Industrial Training, Mr. Richard Maughn, who interacted with prospective applicants on the expanding industry.

In an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Mr. Maughn stated that from the Ministry of Labour standpoint, it is important that GYSBI and other companies in Guyana, work closely with the ministry.

He added that BIT has been established for 111 years and is functioning under the Industrial Act, Chapter, 39:04, of the laws of Guyana and it is important that GYSBI and other companies in the oil and gas sector, commit to the industrial act, which states, “Companies that are involved in training on site must be registered and license by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT). However, companies who are not licensed under the Industrial Training Act shall not take apprentices to any trade or craft, among others.

“This is a call to GYSBI and other companies, coming from the Ministry of Labour and the BIT, directly. This is nothing new, it is something that can help build their company and boost the reputation of those who are working for the company or are receiving in house training and this is good for Guyana,” Mr. Maughn explained.

Further, the CEO went onto to use GUYSUCO as an example by pointing out that over the years, GUYSUCO sustained the maintenance of a number of their factories on their estates and it was possible through active apprenticeship programmes that has been certified or licensed by BIT.

“It helps for the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the other, from old to employees to new employees, it helps to create an employee who becomes an ambassador for what the company wants. So, it helps to culture persons. The Ministry of Labour and BIT will be looking forward to collaborate with GYSBI in order for them to become apprentice master to receive and train apprentices, since they are already involved in training.” He noted.

It was also highlighted that GYSBI was able to extend and receive the permits that they needed to continue the extension in Last October, after the new administration would have taken office. This the CEO said will give the people of Guyana, meaningful employment, decent work and be able to take care of their responsibilities. Touching on employment and training, the CEO, also highlighted measures that will be put in palace, so that the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA) and GYSBI can collaborate, as it related to the career fair.

“CRMA would link applicants to prospective employers and those employers can go through their protocols to see of those individuals are suited candidate for them.

So, we would be glad if GYSBI and other companies can associate with the CRMA, it helps with some of the recruitment or recruitment logistics because they are government agencies who are paying staff to do same.” He hinted.

Another career fair is set for Saturday, October 16, 2021 at Enmore Martyrs Monument Ground, delivering similar job opportunities to persons on the East Coast of Demerara.

(Board of Industrial Training, Public Relations Derpartment).