Process of Registration to Graduation to a New Job.



  • Prospective applicants will need to be 15 years and over to apply for programmes offered by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).
  • When filling up the application form, applicants must have in possession their National Identification (ID)Card, Copy of Birth Certificate, or the ID Card of the Parent or Guardian.
  • Once the application form is filled, applicants can take it to BIT Head Office and wait for a call from the Data Entry Clerks.


  • Prospective applicants will be called and interviewed by the Human Resource and Technical Officers, where questions will be proposed, such, as, information of their support base, why they choose to do the programme and to describe themselves.
  • After the interview, another called will be place to the applicant to confirm their selection onto the programme. There, information will be given such as the location, time and dress code required for the classes.
  • Before the commencement of the course, trainees will be given a booklet of rules, regulation and requirements needed to complete the training.


  • On the first day of training, trainees would go through orientation with the District Technical Officer and Trainers, providing them with the requisite information to guide them along the programme which runs between four to six months.
  • ¬†At the end of the progranmme, an evaluation will be done by the Trainer and a performance report will be prepared by the Trainer and presented to the Technical Officer to be reviewed.
  • Unsuccessful trainees will be given a second chance to meet training criteria, through placing them in another ongoing training, once the space is available.
  • For successful trainees, once the report is prepared and presented to the District Technical Officer, it will be reviewed for a second time by the Senior Technical Officer. After which, the printing of certificates and plans for graduation will commence.