• Lot 33 North Road, Lacytown Georgetown, Guyana

Akeena Adams

I did Heavy Duty Operation in 2016 and at that time, I was out of school and having a hard time securing a job to help my mother out in the house. Things got on the rough side and I told myself if I am not employed, I will learn a skill. I heard about the Board of Industrial Training through my peers, who were all going after the programme and registered to do Information Technology at the Essequibo Technical Institute. However, I wanted to operate the Bobcat machine, do the hard work, etc. From time-to-time, the boys in my class, questioned why I signed up for such a programme and most times I would not reply, instead, kept a positive mind.

At the end of the programme I received an award for Me Best Graduating Student and the feeling was amazing, my family was proud because they saw a different side of me, they saw the progressive me. After graduating I began searching for a job but it was a long process. However, I got lucky and was given a job at the Essequibo Technical Institute  as a Librarian. Today, I can help my mother financially, encourage my younger siblings to learn a skill, even if they are doing well academically. The motivation I developed through BIT was free and persons can receive the same. I reside at Lima Sands in Region Two and in our community, students would often find it hard to access an Internet Cafe, because of this, I will be starting my first business as an Internet Cafe owner and it does not stop there, I am also pursuing another course through BIT in Computer Repair, which will be a bonus skill for my business.