• Lot 33 North Road, Lacytown Georgetown, Guyana

Alec Jack

I am a participant of the Agro processing programme offered by the Board of Industrial Training. Presently, I am learning to process and bottle, green seasoning and natural juices. What is amazing is that I am the only male in my class with nine females, who are supportive and willing to help me understand some tips they are already accustomed to, when in the kitchen.
The reason I took this programme is to use agro processing as a tool to generate more income for my parents, since they already farm several citrus fruits, vegetables, plantains and ground provisions in the Martindale Community.
I assist them to sell our crops to villagers and would even paddle across to other villages in the Pomeroon River to sell. However, thanks to the Ministry of Labour, through the Board of Industrial Training, I now have a new way to earn and that is processing and packaging some of the same crops we are planting on our farm. I am excited about this course and upon completion, I will start working on my own agro processing project to improve the lives of my family and community. There is a business name, I’ve already decided on and this was possible through the mind changing life skills teaching we received to help us properly prepare for the business world.