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Iona Cortman

My name is lona Cortman, throughout my nineteen years of life, I’ve never did anything that made me developed extreme dedication, until the Ministry of Labour, Board of Industrial Training programme came to Karaweb in the Pomeroon River. Throughout the four months, when it was time for class, I would wake up early, before the sunrise, do my chores, neat up my uniform and paddle in my canoe boat for twenty minutes to the training location.
Today, I am no longer a trainee, I am so grateful for the knowledge I have received and to top it off, we were not pushed aside after the training ended. My classmates and I, were privileged to have the Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton taking time out to come to Karaweb to witness what we have done. I would encourage other young persons like myself to take every opportunity offered by the Board of Industrial Training, I will not let the skills I received go to waste. Instead, I will always be ready to install solar panels that will be donated to our community, this way our Toshao, don’t have to pay someone out of Karaweb to do the job. I can do the job now!!!